Monday, June 04, 2007

The Chase

MNSCS #2, Steeple Chase, yesterday went ok. Just ok. My climbing legs felt right, but on the flats and in the singletrack, I didn't have the power I expect.

The race started with a hilly and bumpy prologue. I made my way to the front, but Justin took the holeshoot. I didn't really mind that because I had only ridden the trail once before, and I wasn't familiar with the course. They added a mid-lap climb this year which was nice for passing, and that is where I made the first move. I went off the front by 20 seconds or so and then my tire slipped on a wet rock (the course was heavy-tacky). I got up and another VeloRoch jersey was closing in on brother! Sweet. We rode alone for a while and he was really making me hurt. Sam O bridged up to us on lap 3 (of 4). Ben was creeping away from both of us when he had a mechanical. His chain slipped off in to his spokes. That really sucks because he was gapping us pretty good. Sam went by him and Ben never got his mo back. Ben and I rode together for the last lap and we finished together about 1 minute behind Sam. Sam is riding really strong right now, and I expected this out of him after his recent success out at Buck hill.

I am in Colorado now on business...not mountain biking business. I found out this morning that there are trails leaving from my hotel grounds (in Westminster) that go all the way into the foothills. That is eating me up considering I have meetings from 8:30 am until 9pm today=)
No time to post pics. Sorry.


Jen Moore said...

Hi, Babe!
Miss you! Would you like me to send pics that you can post? I don't have many, your dad has more. OJ!!!

Clayton said...

What kind of tires were y'all running out in that mess. That mid course hill was super sweet until you hit the muddy off camber switchbacks at the top.

Brendan said...

Ben - Kenda Karma
Me - Kenda Karma
Luke - Kenda Karma
Sam - Kenda Karma
Eric - Kenda Karma

That is what the top 5 were running...notice a pattern? =)

samo said...

Hey now that's top secret info you disclosed.Just kidd'n.The Karma's hooked perfectly,without any hint of losing traction,even on all the little power climbs.Good job Moore bro's.You two had me running scared the whole time after Ben had his mechanical. I was hoping Eric would have stayed with us from th beginning,so we could have made the finish with us bro's.
I felt bad for Ben though, when he got that mechan.He was going so strong,he was starting to pull away from me on that climb.

Ben said...

Hey that's racing I just need to find a better mechanic :) Great race one and all, I can't wait for Afton. that should be your course, Sam. Hopefully we get some wors dudes over so we can show them a real mtb race.
By the way I updated my blog, everyone: