Sunday, June 24, 2007


Today's Dirtspanker at Mount Du Lac is another classic stop for the MNSCS series. In recent years, it also seems customary to have really really hot weather for the 2 Duluth races. Today was no exception with ski run climbing temps right around 100.
The course is really sweet. It is one long climb and then 4+ miles of pure Midwest singletrack....twisty, rooty, bridges, punchy climbs etc.
The story of the race can pretty much be told in pictures, but here is a run-on sentence summary. Chris led the first lap at a reasonable pace, we were all glad because it was hot but it left us with a large front group of 8 or 9, then on the long part of the climb entering the second lap, I hit it um, kinda hard, then the field blew apart, Paul followed with Sam, then I dropped them in the single track, I pounded out 3 solo laps for the Win! Other Velo Rochester riders: Ben rolled in with a strong 4th. Chris is had hamstring issues again today and had to drop out. Jen Meyer put in another strong race and came in second.

Ok, this first climb is sick steep...basically a wall...had me in my Midwest granny (i.e. middle ring and biggest cog)Chris going around Paul and I to set the pace on the first lap
Ben's face at the finish tells the story of how hard today was.
The top 7 getting the payout!


Jo Mama said...

Do your arms ever get tired from lifting all of those checks? Just curious. Congrats on another one!

samo said...

good job brendan!another strong performance by you.Keep it up.Are you going to go & give some Wis. riders a run for their money with us this weekend?

T Miller said...

Congrats on another win Brendan!

Whoever put the 5'10" height restriction on the expert podium?

Brendan said...

Those $100's do get pretty heavy. You should know....

Ben and I are headed on family vacation so we can't make it over to EC. You, your bro, Paul, Chris, etc will have to represent!

Brendan said...

Thanks Tom,
I saw you out at Leb last night...I was just leaving when you were heading out on a lap so I didn't catch you.