Friday, June 22, 2007

Chugging for the Win

With black skies just to the south, we rolled another Buck race last night. Paul led out and an absolutely ballistic start, the hardest yet. Fisher, Sam, and I followed and after an attack on the second lap pavement climb, Paul popped a bit. The three of us rode together for the entire race. I was going to try an attack on the 4th lap pavement climb, but Fisher had an out of the saddle preemptive attack of his own that put the kibosh my plan.
The sprint up to the finish was exciting an I was lined up right behind Chris when he dropped his chain...BUMMER! I was feeling good and ready to take him on. After a quick surge and a good gap, I let way up because they don't like people sprinting into the finish shoot (for safety reasons). Fisher kept coming hard because he wanted to keep second over Sam. It ended up being closer than necessary. I guess I should have stayed on 'er a little longer.
So for the first series, that put Fisher and I in an exact tie for first place with the same number of points. Pat, the owner of Penn, decided that we should have a beer chugging contest to determine the winner. Chugging a 12 oz beer is a skill I perfected in my younger years at Madison but haven't used since. Lets just say that I haven't forgotten how to open the hatch and throw it down=) I am the series champ! I guess slamming a beer is kind of like riding a bicycle... (Thanks to Rich O for the pic)
Good times.

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Jen Moore said...

LOVE IT! Maybe we'll have to have you and Chris rematch tonight at the BBQ :)